Dead pixel tester

Identify dead pixels and repair stuck pixels on your LCD and OLED screens

We suggest cleaning your display with a soft fabric prior to beginning the test. After starting the test, your screen will display a single color. Use either the left mouse click or the space key to cycle through black, white, red, green and blue. To exit the test, simply press the esc key.

Since pixels are extremely tiny, closely inspect all the test screens. Allow your eyes some time to adjust to the screen's brightness.

Repair unstuck pixels

When enabled, your usual cursor will change to a circle filled with random noise. You should move this circle over the area where the stuck pixel is located. Keep it there for a while. This action aims to stimulate the pixel and hopefully return it to normal functioning. Every now and then, you should move the circle away from the pixel to check if the pixel's issue has been resolved. If the pixel is still stuck, you can repeat the process until it becomes unstuck

Enable noise circle

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