Show output

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  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

  • Custom

Default preset, high performance: Performance will not be affected.


  • Browser

  • Browser no eval

  • Node


Disable console output

Self defending

Debug protection

Debug protection interval

Ignore imports

Domain lock

Domain lock redirect URL

Enable source map

Source map mode

  • Separate

  • Inline

Source map sources mode

  • Sources content

  • Sources

Source map base URL

Source map file name

String transformations

String array

String array rotate

String array shuffle

String array threshold

String array index shift

String array indexes type

  • Hexadecimal number string


String array wrappers count

String array wrappers type

  • Variable

  • Function

String array wrappers parameters maximum count

String array wrappers chained calls

String array encoding

  • None

  • Base64

  • RC4

Split strings

Split strings chunk length

Unicode escape sequence

Force transform strings

Reserved strings

Identifiers transformations

Identifier names generator

  • Dictionary

  • Hexadecimal

  • Mangled

  • Mangled shuffled

Identifiers dictionary

Identifiers prefix

Rename globals

Rename properties

Rename properties mode

  • Safe

  • Unsafe

Reserved names

Other transformations



Transform object keys

Numbers to expressions

Control flow flattening

Control flow flattening threshold

Dead code injection

Dead code injection threshold