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Disable console output

Self defending

Debug protection

Debug protection interval

Ignore imports

Domain lock

Domain lock redirect URL

Enable source map

Source map mode

Source map sources mode

Source map base URL

Source map file name

String transformations

String array

String array calls transform

String array calls transform threshold

String array rotate

String array shuffle

String array threshold

String array index shift

String array indexes type

Hexadecimal number

String array wrappers count

String array wrappers type

String array wrappers parameters maximum count

String array wrappers chained calls

String array encoding

Split strings

Split strings chunk length

Unicode escape sequence

Force transform strings

Reserved strings

Identifiers transformations

Identifier names generator

Identifiers dictionary

Identifiers prefix

Rename globals

Rename properties

Rename properties mode

Reserved names

Other transformations



Transform object keys

Numbers to expressions

Control flow flattening

Control flow flattening threshold

Dead code injection

Dead code injection threshold